Having optimized our short Eastern Europe Taster tour, this is now a trip aimed at those who like to travel at a relaxed speed to meet our next neighbours in the East. Since the early 1990s Czechia, Slovakia and Hungary have been destinations at which we value the hospitality of the kitchens and the cellars as well as the culture. 

Samo, who is the patron of this tour, was a frankian merchant who managed to create the first slavian empire, ruling this as a king for 35 years. Unfortunately not much is left of this time, but his empire was in the regions that we visit during this trip. It is Western Slavia or the Visegrad Area. 

Even if we do not hear much of Samo, the varied history of Eastern Europe offers us much to see in ways of churches, monasteries, fortresses, monuments and other impressive architecture. Monarchs, princes of the church, explorers and certain tribes handed their culture and folklore down to discover and enjoy.  

A few days in the nature, activities outsite of the large cities and short driving stage round off this tour. 

This tour is part of a longer trip with the same name  The Empire of Samo. Here you end the trip in Budapest, possibly for a spa holiday.