In 2019 it is 25 years that the Ukraine has been part of our tour programme. Towns like L'viv, Kiev and Czernovic delght us with their history and culture. The Carpathian mountains, the Bucovina, the valleys of Dnepr and Dnistr are some of the better known regions. 

Churches, monasteries, fortresses, monuments and other impressive architectural gems are seen everywhere. Off the beaten track there are some unique things to see like the smallest lighthouse in the world, a centre of Europe, the easter-egg-useum, the Transnistria republic, the largest wine cellars in the world and the rocket launching pad of Perwomajsk.

Vairiety comes from being a melting pot of people, cultures and religion: Poles, Austrian, Russians, Germans, Romanians, Gypsies, Turkish, Jews, Orthodox, Catholics and more. The folklore of the Huzuls, the Cosacs and the Tatars are waiting to be discovered.  You experience the famous hospitality, with nice food and delicious wine. and sing and dance with them.

This tour is part of a larger tour called "Carpathia-Moldavia-Ukraine".