The relationship with the British Isles can be described as close and yet so far. On the one hand, we are well acquainted with the language, history and culture, but left-hand traffic, a different camping structure and various peculiarities ensure a certain exoticism. We begin our visit to the northernmost country in the United Kingdom with Edinburgh, the Scottish capital. The town offers a contrast to the Highlands as the tour progresses.

The highlight of the trip are the Highlands with the cool mountains, the fjord-like waters, rugged coasts, flowering bushes and green meadows as well as beaches of all kinds. Stop at small factories and museums in the country. Hear myths, sagas and legends - and of course also about "quirky" Britons. Visit one or the other country castle and walk in the beautiful gardens. You will learn a lot about whisky, but also a lot about the Highlanders with their clans and traditions. Enjoy the indescribably beautiful, wild and romantic landscape of the Highlands. Above all, you will realize that British cuisine is better than its reputation.

The tour guide will provide you with useful information during the trip so that you can continue to master your stay well after the tour together.

Tour leader for this tour will be Sabine Machado-Rettau.