The route Brest-Minsk-Lake Narotsch, then leaving to Lithuania was one of the first tours in our programme 25 years ago. Since then a lot has changed in politics, there are new tourist attractions, better infrastructure etc. But, some things never change and the birches and the amber giving the name to this tour are unchanged.

During this tour you will get to know the city of Brest. Here we visit the fortress, the train musuem and more. One night is spent in the Beloweskaja Virgin Forrest. Here Tsar Nikolaus II. invited the European aristocracy to hunting and other events. The capitals Minsk and Vilnius are also explored. Nature is to be experienced at Lake Narotsch and the Baltic Seaside.
You will again and again meet hospitable people, get to know them and celebrate, sing, dance and drink with them. 


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