Come with us to the Mediterranean springtime, to two of the largest islands in the Mediterranean. These have, due to their geographic and geological nature, kept their special character and offer a lot of variety to us tourists.

Rocks, beaches and blue lagoons will delight us same as mountain valleys, forests and vineyards. On top of that, millennia of colonization by different cultures can be admired.History and politic, the Corsican wish for independence, Corsica as home of the pied-noir, the Sardinian murals and the autonomy of the islands - all this is living history today.

We will enjoy the kitchen and the cellars, the herbs of the macchia, the meat of the wild pigs, the sausages and the cheese of the herdsmen, pasta and of course wine and other tasty things. An extensive sightseeing programme, interesting stops during the short driving stages as well as free time to reflect and relax.