This tour brings you to the magnificent sights and architectural gems of the Turk people in the former Soviet Orient. 

The tour begins in Poland; crossing through Belarus we reach Volgograd and Astrakhan at the majestic Volga River. Through the most western part of Kazakhstan, between the Caspian Sea and Lake Aral the Silk Road is reached in Uzbekistan.

Chiwa, Buchara, Samarkand and Tashkent will make you think of 1001 nights. The Fergana Valley and Lake Issykul will put you in the mood for the highlight of the tour. A five day excursions by bus to Kashgar, where you will amongst others enjoy a day trip to the Karakorum Highway.

The return journey will go along Lake Issykul once more as well as to the picturesque Caryn Canyon. Passing the Altai Mountains we drive on towards Russia. 

Magnificent mountains, steppe, rivers and lakes and idyllic mountain meadows will excite the friends of nature. Churches and monasteries, mosques and museums will, not just in the south of Russia and the Stan-States, give you a dose of culture. Explorers will like to se the caravanserai, the bazaars and the markets.