Each tour is accompanied by a German speaking tour leader. He/She will be there for you throughout the trip, will inform you about the upcoming driving stages and programmes and ensure that the services booked through our office will be rendered by the touring partners and service providers. He/She will inform you about necessary programme changes, assist during breakdown, sickness and other mishaps and take decisions for the well-being of the group. Legal and administrative aspects of your trip, should these happen, will always be taken care of by the management in Birkheim.  


Whilst the tour leaders from Belarus and Lithuania run several tours in the summer, the western European tour leaders have left working life and combine dedication with a useful task and travel wishes.

Norbert Alt

- Norbert Alt uses cars and caravans

- He has gained extensive experience abroad in his professional life and wants to discover well-known and new destinations with you

- mostly alone on tour, Mrs. Alt, who is still working, mostly stays at home in Darmstadt

- His varied interests include photography with an analogue camera


Varina Gattemeyer

Varina Gattemeyer has been part of the team since summer 2021, making our average age younger

- She gained leadership and organization working in retail

- we Varina from the little rascals is looking for new experiences and adventures in the group

- Support comes from partner Sven, who is also part of the party


Peter and Sieglinde Krajacic

- tour leaders in North-Africa and South America and took charge of the last "Middle Kingdom" tour they also regularly take care of shorter trips, i.e. Scotland in 2015 

- in 2006 they were part of the team that took a white motor caravan to Pakistan in order to return it as painted in the local style. 

- at home in Graz/Austria, their jobs are well divided: Peter (photographes) and Sieglinde (films)

- participants appreciate his talents as a car technician and his calmness. Sieglinde is a hands-on person that loves to put some pancakes once in a while.

Dana Lemeziene with husband Vitas

- Dana is the trained tour leader and is taking care of our tours in Eastern Europe and the CIS states for over 20 years.

- Dana speaks Lithuanian, Latvian, Russian, Polish, English and German of course - making her the language talent amongst our tour leaders

- at home in Lithuania with son and granddaughter, Dana also goes and works abroad at the end of the season. 

- participants love Dana's singalong at the log fire evenings and when Vitas does the dog sitter on sightseeing days 

Sabine Machado-Rettau

- the managing director of Mir Tours enjoys leading tours and does this approx twice a year, mainly to Western- and Northern Europa  

- experience as tour leader for Perestroika Tours in 1992/1993, apart from that Sabine works in the management 

- at home in Birkheim/Hunsrück with husband Henry, in seasonal breaks they go to Vasai/India

- hopes to impress you with good organization and interesting travel experiences, the cooking pot and the Mahjongg stones are always taken along

Jean-Claude und Monika Moyen

- 2017 the Moyen couple to our team 

- gained experience as tour escorts in their local camping club at Friedrichshafen 

- Jean-Claude is a native speaker of the French language  

- get to know these nice and sociable tour guides on the trip

Sven Rettau

- takes care of the smaller tours that stay in Germany 

- in the office since 1994 Sven organizes tour, produces catalogues and tour documents  

- loves to get the grill out on tour or arranges for an extra offer

- as our expert on navigations systems, a little Geocaching is also done

Wolfram and Gerburg Schneider

- tour leaders since 2009 they have travelled mainly Southern Europe, the Mediterranean region and Morocco   

- same as most of our tour leaders they gave travelled with us as participants before 

- at home near Mainz dog Aki is part of the team, they always like to look at new touring ideas  

- participants love their insider knowledge and their enthusiasm for the local way of life

Our tour leaders select tours that they like to do and that are suited for their language skills and interests. Nobody does the same tour always, which we think is a good idea. The tour is enhanced by new ideas and sights for your advantage.