For many years we have wanted to travel to Algeria, now the time has come: This tour takes you to the north of the largest country on the African continent in terms of area.

There are similarities with the other countries of the Maghreb, after all Berbers and Tuaregs have lived here for thousands of years. Then came the Phoenicians, who determined the fate of the region with their trading base Carthage. Monuments with Phoenician or Roman influences are probably the most imposing from antiquity. Vandals, Byzantines, Almoravids and Barbaresque pirates followed, leaving us more to explore.

The period as a French colony, which ended in 1962 and lasted more than 130 years (four times longer than in Morocco), gave the north of the country in particular its own character. Magnificent boulevards, colonial-era palaces, neo-Moorish buildings and authentic kasbahs make the cities worth seeing. Palm oases and thousand-year-old desert towns make the hinterland interesting.

We travel the northern third of the country when the daily temperatures are between 15° and 25° and the Mediterranean Sea is still warm. The journey takes place via Tunisia (arrival also possible with our Tunisia trip) and the journey home is planned from Oran to Spain.


This tour is being taken care of by Varina Gattemeyer. 

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