Mongolia has often been just a stop in between going to or coming from China. After all, then there was just the road between Ulan Batar and the Russian border paved. Nowadays the route to Ehrenhot as well as the western road to the Altai mountains offer normal roads. This is the opportunity to go with our regular motornhome through Mongolia.  

We start our adventure at Sergiev-Posad, north-east of Moscow. A guide can accompany you there from the Latvian-Russian border, unless you use part of the Moscow-St. Petersburg tour to get you there.

Going East the main road passes Nishnij-Novgorod, Kazan, Perm, Jekaterinburg, Miass and Omsk, all sightseeing stopp on the way to Novosibirsk. Here we turn south to enter the Altai mountains and travel into Mongolia.

Endless steppe, broken up by small towns takes us in leisurely stages to Karakorum, the ancient capital of Genghis Khan and beyond. During this time the traditional Nadaam festivals are taking place and we will see the best horsemen, wrestlers and fighters compete with each other. Excursions into the countryside and a visit of a traditional yurt are part of the programm. 

The return trip has Lake Baikal as a highlight. We spend 10 days in the area and also visit the Olchon island and Iskutsk. The programme includes boating and a trip with the Baikal railway. 

Through Siberia most of our way passes along the tracks of the Transsiberian Railway, back to Novosibirsk and Miass. Back in Europe a few days are dedicated to seeing the Volga river, before crossing through southern Russia. Exiting into Ukraine near Kursk, we take the opportunity to visit Kiev and L'viv. The tour ends upon returning into the EU, at Przeworsk in Eastern Poland. Two-trhee driving days take you well into Germany. 

A good physique, a reliable vehicle, team spririt and joy for driving are the basic requirements to go on this tour.