This tour may alos be called „Italian Picturebook", because we are visiting the most beautiful and idyllic regions of central Italy.  

Florence, the largest city in Tuscany, has always been a centre for trade and finance. The wealth and Renaissance made it a major centre for the fine arts. Towns like Siena and Spoleto with their impressing architecture are not far behind. Umbria, known as the green heart of Italy, will spoil us with new views to their kitchens and cellars. Also there is more culture to complement the tour.  

In the footsteps of Francis of Assisi, Benedict of Nursia and Fredrick Barbarossa we travel in two weeks from the Ligrian Sea to the Adriatic. In San Marino, the worlds oldest republic we will have our final sightseeing, it is here that we end the tour with an option to extend your stay. 

Short driving stages and a good portion of leissure time offer you enough time to follow you own interests: sightseeing, market visits, hiking and cycling.