For decades we have been touring the Baltic States and more eastern areas such as Karelia and Leningrad Oblast. The routes are currently not feasible and so we are moving our program a little further west. The journey promises you a lot of driving pleasure on the journey over land, because there is also something to see. Blooming meadows, fields swaying in the wind, cool forests, small bodies of water and sandy beaches relax during the stage. Stop in the countryside or in one of the small towns along the way.

During the visits, the eventful history is explained, including Christianization and the time of the Teutonic Order and the Hanseatic League up to the Middle Ages. But also the more recent times when parts of our travel destinations were ruled by outside powers such as Prussia, Sweden, Russians and Germans.

Well-preserved or rebuilt old towns, imposing brick buildings and modern monuments offer further photo opportunities. Health resorts and beach promenades invite you to stroll. The hospitality and a down-to-earth, traditional cuisine can be enjoyed everywhere.

This tour is the connecting trip of the "Polish Baltic Seaside", which together makes the "Poland-Baltic States" trip or with the extension "Southern Scandinavia" becomes an XL variant around "Around the Baltic Sea".

This tour is escorted by Dana Lemeziene and husband Vytas. 


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