Since the Perestroika was initiated by Gorbatchov Russia has become a more common tourist destination for Western Europeans, but mainly applies to the cities. St. Petersburg, one of the windows of Russia will be visited during the tour after you have seen the Baltic States capitals.  

The real authentic Russia, with its endless meadows, uncountable creeks, rustic villages with unique wooden houses and churches only starts in the outback.

Especially in the second part of the tour you will drive part on the tour we will travel off the beaten track,and on gravel roads, but will be rewarded by views of wonderful orange pine forest. In the villages you will meet people know no modern snobism - they are real openhearted, hospitable Russians.

Only the one who has seen the northern Russian back lands, the Russia without make-up, in its natural beauty can say "I have seen Russia".


This tour is the xl version that combines the White Nights in St. Peterburg with the Russian Karelia Tour.