With this tour we aim to hit at all tastes. The obligatory trio of art, culture and history, as well as people, nature and technique will be seen when travelling through the former Muscovite Empire. 

Travelling through southern Belarus we see the historic region and countryside Polesia, of which Gomel and Brjansk were part of. The plain country gives us chance to experience the hospitality of the normal folks. South of Moscow we visit the glass blowers and trace the steps of cosmonauts and poets.

A stay in the Russian capital and further east we encounter a famous route: The say that travelling in a horse-drawn carriage it takes seven days to visit the historic towns Moscow, Vladimir, Kostroma, Jaroslawl, Rostov, Pereslavl-Zalesskij und Sagorsk, which represent the seven jewels in the Golden Ring. We do not want to make this trip too icon watching and church going and only have part of the Golden Ring in the official programme. 

Nishnij-Novgorod, where the rivers Oka and Volga join up, is one of the most important cities in the Russian Federation. 800 years of history give us enough to see as well as the Volga river which we follow to the northern towns of the Golden Ring.

Twer, is yet another large Russian city that we will visit as well as the source of the majestic "Mother Volga" in western Russia. On leaving the country we enter Latvia. From here you may travel on individually.