Just like our Balkan Gorges tour, this new tour will take you to amazing landscapes and culturally significant places. Unlike the trip mentioned, the stages here are shorter and you have more time for individual interests.

Maybe it's because other Balkan countries have more sea or are EU members. The hinterland of Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro are real insider tips for nature lovers and recreational athletes. Rolling hills and high mountains, ponds and dams, babbling brooks and raging torrents are just as pleasing to our eyes as green alpine meadows and wet meadows.

Capital cities like Zagreb, Sarajevo and Podgorica as well as historical places like Mostar, Dubrovnik and Budvar bring you closer to the culture and history of the Western Balkans. Restaurants along the routes, markets, small coastal towns and villages clinging to mountain slopes allow you to get to know the way of life of the simple people.

An individual arrival and departure as well as days at leisure offer hikers, cyclists and other recreational athletes the opportunity to travel more intensively.

You don't have much time or you already know part of the route from another trip. We offer the northern part of the route as "Bosnia-Herzegovina" and the southern part as "Montenegro".

This tour is taken care of by Varina Gattemeyer.