Spain is the third-favourite holiday destination in the world and most of us have been to its Mediterranean coast, the Baleares or the Canary Islands. The centre of the Iberian Peninsula is our destination and the tour starts in the south-west of France in the historic town of Carcassonne. 

On this tour you will hear a lot about Spanish history: about Romans, the Moors, the Christian kings - frequently changing until Spain became a colonial empire. The Moorish conquest, the reconquista, the war of the Spanish succession, and then in the 20th century, the civil war, world war II and the democracy after Franco up to the new king in 2014  show us that Spain always has been a country of change.

Regardless, whether it is in the monasteries, cathedral, museums, palaces or monuments that you will see during the sightseeing days or on the way. From the art historical point of view you will really get your moneys worth.

The less populated regions south-west of Madrid enjoy the eye. Oak and Olive tress, rolling hills and impressing sierras will not bore you on driving day. Kitchen and cellar will offer more than sangria and paella.


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