For many years there has been great interest in a "Around the Black Sea"-tour. Many years we were unable to realize this because the border between Georgia and Russia was closed. Presently the Ukrainian-Russian conflict is an obstacle. This tour may be run under the current circumstances. Should the situation improve the tour may be optimized.

Starting point is Budapest. From Hungary we Romania to get to the Danube delta; a paradise for nature lovers. Anti-clockwise we travel along the Black Sea Shores, go to livelier resort such as Mamaia and the Gold Coast until we reach the metropolis of Istanbul.  

The Turkish Black Sea Coast is less populated but nice to explore. In Georgia we have to go away from the coast because the rebellious region of Abkhazia is not a tourist destination. From Tiflis we travel across adventurous mountain roads into the northern Caucasus.


The Black Sea Coast of Russia has become world-famous during the Olympic Winter Games 2014. Sochi and Tuapse are visited, then we move on to the river Volga. Astrakhan, Volgograd, and Saratov are visited before we have to head west again. We ignore the Ukraine and head for towns like Voronezh, Orel as well as Gomel. After crossing rural Belarus the tour ends in Warsaw.

This tour has since been optimized and is now called Caucasus.

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