This fantastic tour offers you the possibility to reach the Far East and Singapore within 140 days – a discovery journey that can not be more exotic and exciting.

We start the tour already in August in order to traverse Russia and Siberia before winter. After discovering the Mongolia and the desert Gobi, we soon reach China. After discovering the capital Beijing, we travel on to Shanghai on the Pacific coast and then to the wonderful landscape around Guilin in the south of China. This region occupies a special place in Chinese culture and history.

After Vietnam that will capture everybody with its charm, the journey goes on against the sun. Ancient cultures in picturesque landscape as well as some idyllic beaches that won't let you think about cold Europe.

Cambodia, with its cultural heritage Angkor Wat, presents a flagrant contradiction to Thailand's commercial "fun tourism". Malaysia, with Penang and Kuala Lumpur shows us the modern age still with a rural and original society, but gets us in the proper mood for the South East Asian economic metropolis Singapore.

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