The destination for this rather short tour is the nicest part of the Adriatic Coast: not a flat and boring region, but a variety of mountains and bays. The main coastal road takes us to the trade posts of ancient times, fortresses from the medieval ages and architecture of the Hungaro-Austrian Empire. In the towns of Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik as well as Sarajevo and in Serbia we will hear more about the varied history of this regions most of us got to know as Yugoslavia.

The coves of the Adriatic Sea, beaches and islands, karst scenery and more so the Plitvica lakes and the Kotor bay will delight those keen on nature.  

This tour is a segment of a longer tour to Yugoslavia and the Hungaro-Austrian Empire and ends in Dubrovnik. From here you may continue onward or home at your leisure. We recommend continuing your journey to Greece with the “Albania – Mountains and More” tour.