Brittany has been strategically important militarily since Roman times, and so we still find fortresses and castles to explore. Seafaring and fishing, as two of the most important economic sectors, we will encounter again and again. Old trading places with pretty half-timbered houses, lighthouses and modern industrial sites show us the change in the region.

The main protagonist of this trip will be nature, specifically the coast. Beaches and cliffs of all shades of colour, green meadows with pink clover on one side and white gout, turquoise bays and deep blue sea water on the other. The hinterland in all shades of green, windswept and with idyllic pastures.

From the Loire Estuary, the journey leads more or less clockwise to St Malo. Sometimes with a programme, sometimes with free time for your own interests, always on the trail of a good legend and a little adventure.

You have time? Start this journey in Orleans and visit the "Castles of the Loire" with us.