This is the return journey to the tour „South East Asia – Singapore“ and also a tour in itself, which can be booked. Here we cover the white patches that the “Middle Kingdom” or “Singapore”- Tours have left on the map

The participants of the “South East Asia – Singapore” Tour will have had time since late November to roam individually around Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. So the meeting of the group in the North of Thailand should not pose a problem.  From here we enter Laos, whose tourism industry is not yet as developed. Covered by mountains and mighty virgin- and rainforests ther is also the mighty Mekong river to see.

Yunnan in China ist similar, also here you have this special diversity in regards to geographie and culture. Szechuan, also known as the land of plenty offer more highlights: Panda bears, national parks, and temples. Picture book China. Between Lanzhou and Kashgar we follow the Silk Road, a path that has been used for more than 2000 years by traders and travellers.

Kyrgyzstan is the first former Soviet Republic on this tour. Hospitable mountain folks, who are proud of their spectacular nature and herd. The same importance the Kyrgyzstan people give to their mountains, the same weight is given to the steppe by the neighbouring Kazakhs. Notable to see here are a few small but unique national parks and the not so long ago erected shining capital of Astana.

In Miass near the Ural we are back on better known routes. During the last time we were still able to travel down the Volga and through the Ukraine. The Russian proverb says „You may go anywhere you like, but you are best off laying at your homely oven.“ We follow this advice and swiftly continue our way home. This wonderful tour ends in the middle of June in Southern Poland. 

This is a return trip of the  R98 - South East Asia - Singapore Tour.

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