Kaliningrad, as a Eastern Metropolis of Prussia, has always had a special status and for centuries has been an open political and cultural centre. Whilst the city took care of the spiritual growth, the countryside was breadbasket and treasure chest. Enormous fields, manors and stud farms and majestic forests, crystal lakes and wetlands cover the countryside between the small hamlets.

With the end of the war the area became part of Russia and all German remains were destroyed, new settlers arrived and villages were renamed. The Kaliningrad region was in a long sleep until the Perestroika. Today the neighbourhood with Poland and Lithuania is cultivated.

Three days of sightseeing programme leave culturally and scenically wonderful impressions. Two days are at free disposal for searching in the past, other discoveries or simply for relaxing. Departing via the Curonian Spit, the unique beauty of this wonderful headland can be admired. The farewell evening will be in Nida, the artist town on the Lithuanian side. From here everybody can discover the Baltic States according to own interests.